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  • Help Me Make a Difference
    Art Center Sarasota Summer Appeal
    Host: Berger, Lisa
    Category: Campaigns
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      • Raised
        $ 0.00

        • Goal: $ 1,000.00

        • Days to Close:  55


      My name is Lisa Berger, Art Center Sarasota's Executive Director. Over the past ten years, I have gotten to know this organization and seen the power that art has in our lives. I am very passionate about our mission to provide Sarasota with opportunities for creative expression and art appreciation through art education, exhibitions and cultural programs.

      I believe that the art center is an essential part of the cultural offerings that makes Sarasota so special. Public accessibility to ever-changing exhibitions with a wide variety of artworks done by artists of all ages and skill levels is what the art center is able to do for our city.
      Access to a range of affordable art education opportunites for all ages and skill levels compliments the passive pleasures of viewing art in the galleries.

      Could you live without art and creativity?

      Art is the basis for how we adorn our homes, businesses and public spaces. Art touches us in every aspect of our lives. Access to the creative arts is critical for children and adults in how they live in this world. Creativity is what makes us human.

      We can't be great without you!

      A gift from you is essential to the success and future of this organization, now in it's 93rd year! With the development of the Bay, the Art Center plays an important and recognized role in bringing over 52,000 people to the property each year. Our plans for the future are for significant growth, providing more opportunities for the public in the enjoyment of art and culture.

      Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to Art Center Sarasota this summer and help us maintain the high quality art education and exhibitions we have planned for you in the upcoming fiscal year beginning October 1, 2018.Thanks to the generosity and efforts of supporters like you, we are able to touch the lives of many artists and those who enjoy the visual arts.

      Thank you for being great!


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